Sunday, 28 August 2011

Heron earth...

This week I learnt a valuable lesson. It's always advisable to avoid emptying your trash can when you've just put your best pictures in there. My yowls could be heard right across SE15 when I realised that, in either a moment of subliminal self-sabotage or a lapse in concentration, I had deleted all the best pictures I'd taken of a grey heron. Now that I've experienced that unforgettable sense of horror, a sensation which sinks and rises simultaneously, I would be very surprised if I ever made such a foolish mistake again. I returned to Peckham Rye in the hope of getting some more snaps of the heron. I did get some more but they weren't nearly as satisfying.

First attempt...

Second attempt...

Until next time, (assuming that I don't delete my next set of photographs)

Peckham Pond

Hardly a day has gone by recently without rain showers, the occasional storm, and plenty of gusty breezes. None of this overly inspires me to drag myself out of my cat basket to go and take some photos. However, despite overcast and showery forecast, this week I did take myself off down to Peckham Rye. There are some of the results.

Moorhen chick

Canada Goose


Until next time,

Monday, 15 August 2011


We've been delighted to have have two adult goldfinch and their five fledglings regularly visiting the garden over the past week or two. Here are some snaps that I managed to get through the (unopened) bedroom window.


Flowery things

Being summer,  it's all rather wild and jungle-esque out in the garden at the moment. Here are some of the flowers that I've spotted in bloom recently.

Borage (starflower)




Raindrops on Honesty

House Leek


Passion Flower


Wild Geranium

Wildflower daisy

Wildflower Daisy


Hoverflies and other things...

It's been a very busy summer so far, and I haven't had much time to be out behind the camera. On the occasions that I have been out in the garden, it has either been very breezy or very grey, i.e. all of the things I should expect in a British August. But here are some the things I have spotted around the garden.

Hoverfly on wildflower

Hoverfly on wild poppy

Hoverfly on water mint

Bee on wildflower daisy

Pickerel (the first time its flowered!!)

More to come,