Sunday, 29 April 2012

Some random things

I find that the best place to see starlings is in supermarket car parks. I rarely visit supermarket car parks but I did spent fifteen minutes in one recently. Here's a couple of starlings that I spied.


The more I watch flies, the more I like them!

Bees of many kinds

As the year progresses, almost by the day, we're seeing more and more different species of bee visiting the garden.

Is it a bee? No it's a beefly!

I love these flies in disguise!


A fair few caterpillars have been spotted in the garden this year..

Flowery things

Whilst the remnants of last year still linger, new life has been sprouting everywhere! Here's a few things that are already in bloom, or once were.

Shield Bugs

One thing I have seen a lot of already this year is the common shield bug. They've been flying about all around the garden.

For the first time in eighteen months I got as far as Greenwich Peninsula. Just as we were leaving a tiny but beautiful nature reserve, we happened to spy a kestrel overhead. Considering how much medication I'd taken I'm surprised I got any pictures at all. The sun was incredibly bright that day.

This, that, and the others